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Fitzgerald, Schorr,
Barmettler & Brennan, P.C., L.L.O.
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A major function of a lawyer is to resolve disputes. We understand that clients want disputes concluded promptly and at a reasonable cost. We continually strive to achieve these results.

When disputes require judicial resolution, or are submitted to arbitration or mediation, we vigorously represent the rights and interests of our clients. Our lawyers have developed many specialized areas of litigation expertise, including:

  • Banking litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Employee benefit plans and plan fiduciaries
  • Employment discrimination claims
  • Estate and trust matters
  • Insurance company defense
  • Insurance contract disputes
  • Intellectual and property rights
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Product liability defense
  • Real estate
  • Securities fraud and securities issuance violations
  • Tax claims
  • Trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and patents
  • Trucking litigation
  • White collar criminal defense

All of our trial lawyers are dedicated and experienced advocates who are well trained in the intricacies of litigation.

The attorneys in our Litigation Department are:
Gerald L. Friedrichsen
Robert T. Cannella
Andrew T. Schlosser
Paul R. Elofson
Mark J. Daly
William H. Selde
Susan J. Spahn
MaryBeth Frankman

They will be happy to help you with your litigation needs.