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One of the foundations of our firm is a strong and varied tax practice. We practice in all areas of taxation, including federal and state income taxes, and state sales and property taxes. We are experienced in many specialized areas of individual and business tax planning such as corporation reorganizations, professional corporations, tax-favored compensation programs, taxation of international transactions and choice of business entity.

We effectively advise our clients on tax matters with:

  • A thorough understanding of the tax laws and their application to businesses and individuals
  • The providing of sound, innovative and creative tax planning advice with respect to business and investment transactions
  • Determined representation of the interests of clients tax disputes
  • The application of a depth of expertise to a wide array of tax issues and problems

The attorneys in our Tax Department are:
Nick R. Taylor
Thomas G. McKeon
Susan J. Spahn

They will be glad to assist you with your taxation needs.